4 Ways to Balance Work And Family for Working Moms

No one says that being a working mom is easy. There are a lot of things to do in a so limited amount of time as well as energy.

When you are a new mom, you may find it hard to balance between your work and your family. If you pay so much attention at work, you will go home tired and don’t have much time to take care of your baby.

However, if you spend so much time caring for your baby, the chance that you come up to work late looking tired is very high also.

In fact, it will be really hard for any mom in the world to find the perfect balance between work and family while ensuring that they have enough time for themselves. You have to sacrifice one thing for another.

However, with some efforts and tips, you can still manage to balance your time right.


Here are 4 ways you could do to maintain the balance of work and life as a working moms:

1. Talk to Your Employer

You need to open up and talk to your employer about your situation at the moment. You can consult the HR representative and see if they can help you.

When dealing with your employer, you should prepare carefully about what you need and write them down.

You can also check the company’s policy first and see if they are open about this. You should look for flexible arrangements, flexible working hours as well as the chance to work at home.

You should be open and honest about what you need. Also you can offer a trial period of you working flexible hours and locations to see how things work out. No employer will say no to a change in plan if he can see that the productivity stays the same.

2. Spend Your Time Wisely

In order to balance between work and family, you need to have time. And in order to have a lot of time, you need to get rid of your old bad habits. If you used to watch your TV shows every night, limit it to the weekend only. If you like to browsing the internet at shopping sites, you should stop doing it. Find out what you doing that take time but bring no value and stop them.

Also make the most of your children’s nap times and sleeping times. Spend this time of the day to work on important things that require silence and concentration.

When your kids wake up, the most important thing is giving then some quality time at first. Then tell them to keep quiet for a while and then come back to them later.

Avoid multitask your work and your activities with your kids.


3. Create Special Family Activities

Anything rather than normal activities will do just fine.

If you can afford it then you should spend a real holiday on the beach on go camping with your family. Make sure you don’t bring the work along with you.

If not, you can still organize activities at home and make them special. These activities ranging from playing cardboard game and having BBQ party in the garden.

When you are with your family, don’t check your phone for emails and messages. Put it on silence so that you can totally focus on your kids.

You also should spend your time with your partner. You could go out for a date with no children or work involved. Spend this time to talk about yourselves like you use to do.

4. Plan And Organize Things

In order to keep track of what will happen art work and in your family, have a calendar in which you can see every day.

In this calendar, mark the dates of everyone’s birthdays- you will be surprised to know how often you are going to forget them. Mark the dates when bills are due, school’s activities and event as well.

You can also use app on your smartphone such as Google calendars, which will send you email to remind you about important events that are coming up.

Setting up at least 5 minutes per day and 15 minutes at the weekend for next week activities is also a good thing to do,

In general, being a working mom is one of the busiest and hardest jobs in the world. You need to take care of yourself, your family and your work and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Hopefully with all 4 ways I provide above, you can find a way to adapt to your current lifestyle and successfully manage among all aspect of your life. With a bit of plan and preparation, you will soon be able to do well.

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