How Does Your Baby Eat the Fruit to Enhance Its Health According to the Each Month of Age

For each age, there will be some notes you must remember when feeding your baby with fruit.

1. When the Child Is After 4 Months Old

You should gradually let your baby be acquainted with fruit juice or crushed fruit. According to some experts on nutrition, the mother should let your baby drink additionally the fruit juices with many different flavors. The fruit juice will be the best when it has just been squeezed and diluted. You can drink it between 2 cups of milk.

And if you choose the crushed fruit, they should be pears and apples. Two types of these fruits are quite mild, so they are not easy to damage the stomach and intestines of your baby.

2. When the Child Is After 5 Months Old

You can let your child eat a suitable amount of ground fruit. Some types of fruit like pears, apples, kiwi and watermelon are almost very good options. But, please do not feed your child too much in one time, about half a spoon is most OK.

If you choose the fruit for your child, you also ought to consider about their health and physical status. If children have the weak stomach or abdominal pain, they had better eat the fruits having cold nature, for example  banana, watermelon,… As if your child has heat physical condition, constipation, many dirt on the surface of the tongue, you can let them eat more kiwis or pears, … And with the baby who has a not good digestive system, you should let them eat cooked the blended fruit.

3. When the Child Is After 9 Months Old

At this age, you ought to let them eat sliced fruit. After the teeth of children grow, they can eat fruit which is sliced into pieces. And this is one way for your kids to practice chewing habit. But, you also need to remember that do not cut the fruit into too big pieces because the children can be trachea congested while swallowing.

This post also provides you some warnings:

  • Please let your child eat fruit in the afternoon, this is the most proper time, especially after they are awaken or at the time between two official meals. In one time, you should let your baby eat from 50-100 grams of the fruit basing on their absorption ability and age. If your baby has just been less than 3 months old, they only need to drink the fruit juice. But after 4 months old, you can start to feed them with fruit.
  • You must select for your baby the fruits suitable for physical condition. Their health state is the factor you need to pay attention when feeding fruit for baby. For instance, if your kid is tired due to constipation, terrible tongue, hot inside body, the fruits having cool nature like banana, and lemon, orange, apple juice… As for the baby have a not good digestive system, let’s let them eat apples. This type of fruit has a positive impact on the development of your baby’s brain as well as is nice for the digestive system.
  • At the time between 2 seasons, the child under 6 months old should avoid eating the raw fruits because this is the time they are easy to be sick, especially with the boys; the ratio of arising intestinal troubles is very high. You had better cook the fruit for them. You also avoid some tropical fruits for example pineapple or mango, as they are very easy to make allergies, so they are not good for the baby. It is best method when you put all these fruits into the pot to cook, filter and let your child drink because it can release the risk of allergy.
  • When feeding you child with fruit, you should understand and abide by this rule “feed slowly, combine feeding and monitoring. This means that you should let them try a bit, then observe if there are any bad signs for example abdominal trouble and allergies or not, lastly decide whether to continue let them eat or not.

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