How to Master Being A Work-At-Home Mom

Recently, more and more moms decide not to go to work but work at home. There are many good reasons as well as benefits of being a work-at-home mom.

You sure will have more chances to be with your kids and look after them. You are also flexible with times and don’t have to spend useless time struck in the traffic on the way to work.

However, being a work at home mom is not as easy as you may seem. There are many things that will interrupt you from your work such as your kids playing around.

In this article, I will provide some tips to make sure you can be successful working at home.

How to Master Being A Work-At-Home Mom

Here are some tips to master being a work at home mom:

1. Plan Well

The first thing you should do when you start your career as a work at home mom is to buy a diary and write your schedule on it.

In this diary, you should plan how many hours you are going to work each week and each day. Set an office hour and stick to it.

One drawbacks of working at home is that you can start as late as you want without any one complaining. This may reduce your effectiveness. Therefore, you should plan your working hours and stay committed to it. You also need the hours that you work to keep everything in track.

Needless to say, you can change plans if you want to. For example, your sons wants to play and it is nice outside, you can take him for a walk. This is a chance for you to be relaxed as well. Just remember to catch up quick when you come back.

Another thing you need to do is write down everything you need to do and prioritize them. Do something important first.

Keep track of your deadlines as well. Don’t wait till last minute to handle your project.

2. Use Time Wisely

One of the biggest interruptions you may encounter while being a work at home mom is your kids.

Luckily, they do spend some few hours during the day to take nap. When you work while they sleep, it is better if you spend this time to finish any task that requires your attention and concentration.

Besides nap times during the day, try to walk up earlier or stay a little bit late, depending on your preference to get your job done.

You also have a lot of thing to do: dishwashing, doing laundry and cleaning the house. You should focus time to do the most important thing first and do not so important thing later. For example, you can let all the cleaning jobs till the end of the week to do.

How to Master Being A Work-At-Home Mom

3. Keep Your Kids Entertained

When your kids get older, they will learn about mommy working time. For when they are younger, thing is harder when you want to keep them away from your working desk.

The most important thing is do not focus all the time on the work. After all, you choose to be a work at home mom to spend time with your kid, and then there is no point ignoring them. If you give them some attention and play with them once in a while, they will sure behave well and let you finish your job.

Another tip to keep your kids from disturbing you is setting up a play station for them. Let them play with toys, books and fluffy animals. Keep them occupied and they will not interrupt you.

When your kids get older, you can even ask them to do housework or simply organizing your stuff for you.

4. Ask for Help

Don’t expect that you can do everything on your own all the time.

When you have very important deadlines that are coming, it is a good time to get someone to come and babysit the kids for you. You can ask your partner, your family member or hire some professional baby sitter.

Another support you could get is from other work at home moms. If you can find a local group of work at home moms then that would be great. Once in a while you could gather together and share tips about how to balance between work and kids. Also it could be a good chance for your kids to make friends and play around with people of their age.

Here are some tips that are quite simple and easy to follow if you want to good at being a work at home mom. I hope you find them easy and effective when you apply it to your case. Soon you will see yourself mastering this challenge.

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