Secrets to Better Time Management for Busy Moms

When you come back to work after your maternity leave, you will immediately realize that time is now a very limited resource. There are many things that you have to do : preparing meals, doing laundry, cleaning the house and taking care of your kids.

Besides housework, you need to prepare yourself and make sure you look nice coming to work. At work, there are deadlines, customer meetings and other business trips.

It is very hard to manage to do all of these things in 24 hours. In fact, you cannot do it at all without a few tips and tricks. The key thing here is to work smart but not work hard.

Secrets to Better Time Management for Busy Moms

In this article, I will provide some of the tips to help you utilize your time better so that you can do more things in a little time.

Here are some secrets to master time for busy working moms:

1. Get Up Early Or Stay Up Late

The first thing on the list is to walk up or stay up late for at least 30 minutes. A small amount of time each day will accumulate to a larger amount if you do it for 1month or more. You have 15 more hours every month for your activities.

It is better for your health as well as your mood if you can get up early rather than stay up late. When you are used to getting up early in the morning, you will feel more positive and motived. With a positive mindset, you will sure be able to do things quickly in a short time.

2. Write A List

The key component for a good time management skills is organizing. If you organize what to do when for how long, you will not struggle with deadlines later.

Before creating a list, write down anything that you need to do, maybe in order of time. After listing, you should also consider their importance as well. Put the most important thing first on the list and do it first.

Also with the tasks whose deadlines are coming near, you should also consider doing them as early as possible as well.

Another tip to keep track of all the things you have to do is spending 5 minutes in the morning and at the end of the day to check, add and modify the list accordingly.

Secrets to Better Time Management for Busy Moms

3. Delegate

You don’t have to do everything on your own. If your kids are too small and you cannot send them to schools, you can look for professional babysitter service or a childcare plan.

Furthermore, you can also hire some cleaning services to help you  clean the house and you will have more time to do other things.

You can also ask your partner to help you with your housework and take care of your children as well.

4. Learn To Say No

Sometimes there are many things that you want to achieve and you will take them all thinking that you can do very well.

If you often see yourself taking a lot of tasks and doing so many things that are quite unnecessary, it is time you have to learn how to say no.

As I mention before, you need to know what the most important thing is and stick to it. If your colleague asks you to do something for him and it is not your job, refuse it nicely. You might feel a little bit uneasy thinking that you have let your co-worker down. But if you agree to do it for him and you don’t have much time, you will mess everything up.

Here are some of the tips that could help you with the time management issue. It is very important that you can wake up early for a good fresh start. Also remember to bring with you a diary with a do to list. Learn to delegate and say no in some cases will also save you a lot of time for other more important tasks. Finally, no matter what you are doing, remember to take frequent breaks. These breaks will help you refresh your mind and when you get back, you will focus better.

Being a working mom is one of the busiest jobs in the world. Therefore, you will need a lot of skills as well as experience to make sure that you could manage time well.

For new mom, it is very hard to have a good time management skills. But don’t worry; these skills will be improved pretty soon, especially with all the tips I mention above. I hope that you will soon find it fun and easy to balance your life and manage your time better.

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