Tips to Clean the Kitchen and Some Utensils in That Room

Today, modern women mostly have become to love the tasks in the kitchen more than several the years ago, Apart from the time for work, they often look for the kitchen equipment on e-Commerce websites; for example fridge, pan/pot, cleaning product, dishwasher, stove, baker or food preserving the product. If you also need a product to storage food like that, let’s visit and you will see the vacuum sealer – best food savers reviews. As if you want to buy cleaning products, forget them! This post will provide you the tips to make all kitchen hygiene tasks easy and quickly without wasting money on the expensive cleaning products and a lot of time to do this cleaning work. You can do it freely but your kitchen is still always clean, only with some unique tricks below:

1. Clean the Floor

The culprits usually making your kitchen floor dirty are food and shoe trace. When they appear, your kitchen hygiene will take a very long time to do. So, to resolve this trouble, let’s take a little toothpaste to apply on the stain, then use a brush to wash and clean the floor as normal.

2. Make Your Fridge Odorous

Take a bowl, pour a little of vanilla essential oil into it and macerate a paper towel in that oil. Then, use that paper towel to clean everything inside the fridge. We are sure that all terrible odors of types of food will be disappeared and your fridge will back to be cool and odorous.
Tips to Clean the Kitchen and Some Utensils in That Room

3. Eliminate the Stain In Dishwasher

It is very easy to do this hygiene task! Firstly, please get all things in dishwasher out of it. Then, pour 200ml of vinegar into the dishwasher and run the machine as a usual washing cycle. All stains will be removed completely, even when they lay at the deepest place.

4. Make the Fragrance for Your Kitchen

Put 1 – 2 sliced fresh oranges together with some dried cinnamon into a small pot, pour water into it and boil. The mixed essential oil of orange and cinnamon will make the kitchen air in your house become odorous. If you haven’t used it yet at one time, let’s storage this mixture in the fridge and take it out to boil again when necessary.
Tips to Clean the Kitchen and Some Utensils in That Room

5. Clean the Oven Or Stove

In case you have to clean the grease or food traces on the oven or stove, you should mix lemon juice, baking soda powder with water. Apply this mixture on the surface which needs washing, after 15 – 20 minutes, you use the towel to brush cleanly and wash again with water. All dirty stains will disappear in a flash.

6. Remove the Terrible Odor From Drainage Pipe

We suggest you pour a little dishwashing liquid or some types of soap with your beloved odor directly into the sewage pipe After 30 minutes, rinse to remove all extant waste in that pipe. Your kitchen will have no unpleasant odor immediately.

7. Remove the Odor Sticking On the Chopping Boards

After you use the chopping board to slice or cut some smelly food, for instance: onion, garlic, and fish,…, there is usually some terrible smell left on it. You need to deodorant for the chopping board to avoid spreading the odor to other food in next time. First, let’s wash the chopping board carefully, then use a little lemon juice to apply on its surface, brush for several times, or cut the lemon into 2 parts, use them to rub on the chopping board and rinse again with clean water.
Tips to Clean the Kitchen and Some Utensils in That Room
Hope that above secrets can help you not to be afraid about cleaning kitchen anymore! You all know that this is the housework with full of difficulties that any woman must do, every day. More tips over here


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