What Do You Need to Pay Attention to Fruits for Babies

Firstly, the fruit can’t occupy the role of fresh vegetables in the meals of your babies. Although the taste and odor of green vegetables can’t often be equal to the fruit, but the meals of your babies can’t lack vegetable. You all know that the fruit has a much amount of sugar so it usually becomes attractive with more people. Besides, in the fruit, there are also many nutrients which are easy to absorb for their digestive system. But, if you let your babies eat too many fruits but do not eat fresh vegetables, it will make your child absorb too much amount of sugar. It is not good because it makes your child lack some nutrients. Moreover, the amount of fiber in the fruit can’t be compared with green vegetables. Therefore, you had better balance the amount of fruit and fresh vegetables in order to support your child to develop on all aspect and balance the physical health.


Secondly, you need to be careful with 2 types of fruit. Those are pineapple and mango. Because those are the fruits that are easy to make irritation for the premature bodies of your babies, for example the status of itchy, swollen lips and flaking skin after eating them.

But you completely do not need to be scared so much, in that case, you only wash their faces, hands and legs, after that apply skincare cream for them. When those symptoms decrease a bit, let’s use salt water or cold water to apply on their faces; absolutely do not use hot water. But in case those symptoms still can’t disappear, please take your babies to the doctor as soon as possible.

So, are there any ways to reduce the risks of allergies? Of course, the answer is “yes”, let’s cook the fruit. For instance, because in pineapple, there are many elements that make the skin of your baby itch with many redness points, so you just need to cut them into small pieces, and then mash them in the salt water from 1 to2% in about 20 minutes or you can also steam them before you let the babies eat.

Besides, when teaching your child to eat fruits, you ought to follow the rule “from less to more, from simple to complex” and let them eat the neutral fruits like oranges, apples, or bananas …


And in the first meals, your child should only eat a small amount and you must wait to from 2 hours to 3 days later to know whether their bodies have any reaction or not, then let’s feed them with those fruits.

Lastly, please learn the ways to make some dishes of fruit that are rich in nutrition for them showed below:

1. Coconut water

The best option for babies is coconut water. Maybe you do not know that the coconut water can be used to bathe for your babies. Because the coconut water has a lot of important minerals for example potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, B and C vitamins, it is the wonderful source of nutrition. Thus, please usually let them drink coconut water. Of course, you must teach them to drink from less to more.


When buying the coconut, you also need to be clever to select the coconut still fresh and young, avoid giving your child the water of coconuts that are becoming brown or old.

2. Grape juice

You must know that there are many ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, and flavonoids in grape. Rinse the grapes, grind finely. Mix a little cool or warm water and let your baby drink. You do not need to add sugar to the juice because the natural grape is sweet itself.

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